Passion for the water

Matt grew up in the UK where his fathers passion for the ocean rubbed off during numerous sailing adventures on board the family yacht. After finishing a degree in Environmental Science he travelled to South East Asia and then Australia, where he met his future wife Gill. They both travelled together for a year, including several months in Tasmania exploring by foot and boat. After a few months picking apples in the Huon Valley, sleeping in the apple shed with the tractor, they had fallen in love with Tasmania, the Huon Valley and each other!

After Gill returned to Western Australia to finish her Architectural studies Matt emigrated and joined her to live in Fremantle. Matt continued sailing, racing regularly out of Fremantle Sailing Club. It wasn’t long before Gill was also hooked on sailing and they later built a small 24’ racing yacht with a friend. They spent most of their time either in or on the water swimming, boating and kayaking.

There were numerous Tasmanian hiking trips over those years continuing to stoke their desire that they would one day live there. In 2004 they purchased a 31’ cruising boat and immediately set off on a 15 day passage direct to Tasmania where they cruised around the island before sailing back to Fremantle. In 2005 they were back in Tasmania, this time as competitors in the Sydney Hobart Race in a friend’s boat.

Love of Nature

2006 saw them set off sailing on what was to be a 7 year journey around the Pacific. Pushing north through Indonesia and Papua New Guinea to Japan and Alaska working where possible along the way. They were lucky enough to purchase 2 collapsible kayaks whist in Japan allowing them to explore some wild and remote areas along the way. In 2010 they had their first son, Jess, while back in Australia. They re-joined the boat in Alaska when he was 12 months old. Whilst they were back in Australia they visited Tasmania again and this time purchased some land in Dover, Far South Tasmania. This would become the ultimate destination for their Pacific journey. Jess helped guide them back to Australia via Canada, USA, Mexico and numerous South Pacific Islands.

In Dover they settled down having their second son, Dete, and designing and building their own straw bale home. Gill started her own business using her architectural training as a Building Designer. Matt, keen to follow his passion for the water, saw an opportunity in Far South Tasmania to offer visitors access to its stunning waters and amazing history. Esperance Adventures was born in 2016. Their cruising boat sits moored in the Bay waiting for its next adventure!



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