Lune River Kayak Tour.

Morning Tour – From the River to the Ocean

Adult $150.00  

Immerse yourself in the bush and listen to nature on our Lune River kayak tour paddling through protected waters from the River to the Ocean. Launching into dark tannin rich waters of Lune River, under the gaze of Adamsons Peak and the Southern Ranges, we journey downstream looking for birds and learning about the history of the area before emerging into clear ocean water and white sandy beaches at Southport.

Morning tea and lunch included! Stopping for a tasty morning tea on the beach in Hastings Bay we finish the tour at Southport  and enjoy homemade bread and hot soup at Rocket at the end of the Road café.

Afternoon – Sunset Tour.

Adult $140.00  

Our sunset tour is a 2 1/2 hour paddle down Lune River to Hastings Bay enjoying this magnificent setting as the evening draws in on the water. Stopping for an evening snack on the beach we turn and look west to the Southern Ranges before paddling back up Lune River. Enjoy a tasty afternoon tea on the beach at Hastings Bay while watching the sunset across the water and experience nature setting down for another night.

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